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Robin Whittle   2022-10-26

Thanks for this report, in which extreme levels of pro COVID-19 quasi-vaccine groupthink are enforced by a substantial proportion of the population, including, especially, a large subset of doctors.

By now, anyone with modest intelligence and a mature wariness of trusting anyone or anything without good reason will have noticed that most members of the medical profession are so closed in their thinking and so insecure about their own professional status that they will not even contemplate thinking about something which might cause them to disagree with mainstream doctorly wisdom.  This process does indeed resemble a religion, or a cult, complete with Old Testament style banishment to the wilderness for all those who question its veracity.

The general public should not have to think in depth about how much they can trust their doctor, or doctors in general and so the medical and nutrition advice handed down to doctors and the public by governments.  Unfortunately the public is easily swayed by modern medicine's many wonders and blessings to think that all the rest of it is similarly sophisticated and the result of scientific rigour.  It is not.  There are vast areas of medicine where the conventional thinking is utterly clueless regarding nutritional needs, and unable to find easy to understand etiologies of health problems which are supposedly unexplained ( for Restless Legs Syndrome, which is a real and very common neurological problem originating in the spinal cord).  The gap between the good and the bad in mainstream medicine is vast, has many causes, and is extremely perplexing.  Virtually no-one - especially doctors - can imagine this is the case. So many people tends to think doctors are a reliable source of information about all matters medical.

The fact that everyone has to seriously question the veracity of large swaths of mainstream medical belief and practice, in order to ensure they do not trust untrustworthy sources of information (the beliefs of the majority of doctors) is a problem for which the majority of doctors are collectively, wholly, responsible.

There are indeed professional organisations and governments which seek to constrain doctor's beliefs, statements and clinical decisions.  There is indeed intense peer pressure to conform to what the majority is sure is right.

However, even an uneducated person knows that such closed-mindedness, censorship and lack of discussion and argument is a recipe for false beliefs - and in nutrition and medicine this means ill-health, harm and death.

There is absolutely no excuse for the majority of doctors, this far into the pandemic, acting like cult members, closing their minds to scientific critiques of their beliefs which are offered in good faith, as you have done.

Doctors train for 10 years or more, are well paid, highly respected (or they would be if the cultivated their beliefs properly) and fully cognitively capable of assessing challenging information and debating it properly.  They get cranky if anyone else tries to do a better job of nutrition and medical advice than they do.

The government is partly to blame, by allowing corruption of their regulatory agencies by multinational pharmaceutical companies and by suppressing proper, scientific, debate among medical professionals.

However, if most or all doctors were using their brains as we expect of any professional, they would guard against groupthink, welcome challenges to their thinking, and so come to realise that the COVID-19 quasi-vaccines are far more dangerous and less effective than the manufacturers promised - and that they have a lot to learn about the immune system's nutritional needs, especially its need for 50 ng/mL 125 nmol/L circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D: .  This requires a much greater vitamin D3 supplemental intake than the 0.01 to 0.015 (400 to 600 IU) a day recommended by the UK government, despite protests and challenges for over a decade from doctors who research vitamin D properly.

Then the majority of doctors would collectively challenge the oppressive, corrupt, actions of governments - and the doctors would easily prevail.  This has not happened.

Immunologists, collectively, as just as bad.  I have two highly regarded current immunology textbooks - 1500 pages in total - with no mention of vitamin D in their indexes.  Yet many or most types of immune cells need 25-hydroxyvitamin D to run their intracrine (inside each cell) and paracrine (to nearby cells) signaling systems, upon which they depend in order for each cell to respond to their changing circumstances.

Virologists are arguably the worst.  Not only do they avoid proper knowledge of etiology and treatment like doctors, immunologists and vaccinologists, but they routinely create chimeric viruses which can escape from the lab.  All the evidence is that this was the origin of SARS-CoV-2.  If virologists, collectively, were thinking rationally and acting professionally, they would soon have identified who among them created the progenitor of SARS-CoV-2 and would have instituted worldwide regulations to prevent a re-occurrence.

Instead, it seems many or most virologists actively deny all the evidence of SARS-CoV-2 being a lab escape, in part because they want to keep getting funded by the public in all their work.  That work continues, making lab-constructed viruses - without any effective regulation which might reduce the chance of one escaping and causing a pandemic as bad as COVID-19.   Alex Washburn wrote about this and his and his colleagues' new genetic analysis of SARs-CoV-2 origins: .  I argue that collectively, virologists are the most culpable of all these professions for their prior practices, their support of the origins cover-up and for their continuation of those practices now, on a larger scale, due to the flood of funding which arose from the COVID-19 pandemic: .

None of this will help you or anyone else prise the groupthinkers out of their cult.  However, I think it is important to fully explore the extraordinary nature of their malaise.